Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My baby is growing!!

I don't have time to write much but here are some cute pics and videos of my sweetie.  Everything is good.  I miss her a ton while i am at work but they love her at daycare so that makes it a little better.  Chris has been amazing.  He is a great hands-on dad who helps with everything from washing bottles to grocery shopping.  Ava adores him and smiles when she hears his voice (see pics) She is starting to chunk up and not look so scrawny and she slept from 10pm to 4am last night!! (ps that is when i sleep)

Ava listening to her dad talk

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Momma & Baby Week

This last week has been my first (and only) whole week with just Ava and I at home together all day.  We had a lovely time eating, sleeping, playing, and doing errands together.  She has developed a pretty regular schedule which goes well except when she decides she doesn't want her naps. 

Monday we went to the doctor and she is doing great.  She is now 6lbs 11oz and 19.25 inches long.  She behaved wonderfully and didn't cry once.  The nurses were so amazed. 

Ava also proved how strong she is by performing feats expected of 2 month old babies at two weeks! (see video below)

Here are a few other fun things we did ...
Bath time (which she now enjoys)

watched giraffes and lions in the crib        

Here is a cute one from a couple weeks ago too.  Thanks to Nana and Pop Pop for coming to visit, we had a great time!
hanging with Nana

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ava's Birth Story

I am writing this story for me, for Ava, and for anyone who wants to know the details of Ava's birth.  It was a beautiful and amazing night/day and I want to document it so i never forget these moments.

just short of 6lbs
Nervous and excited, not knowing exactly what to expect, Chris and I headed to the hospital at 7pm October 5, 2010.  We got checked in and settled in our room.  An IV was started (actually two b/c the first one blew) and, I was checked and 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. Around 9:30pm the nurse placed the cytotec gel into my cervix.  I sent Chris home to sleep and planned to rest through the night for my assumed big day to follow.  My body had other plans though.   I had already been contracting (as i had for the past two months) but less than an hour later i was contracting more regularly and starting to have back labor.

The night passed in a blur of pain from back labor and nurses coming in to make me flip from side to side because Ava was not tolerating the labor.  I was supposed to receive more cytotec every four hours but after the first dose the doctor cut me off due to Ava's decreasing heart rate.  Chris returned at 6am and I was surprised to see him not realizing the whole night had already gone by.

just after her first bath
At this point Ava was looking better and my new nurse decided that it was time to start Pitocin in place of the missed cytotec.  My nurse called herself the Pitocin Nazi and swore to "get my labor going."  Let me just say me and Pitocin do NOT get along.  Almost immediately I started having insane contractions, one right on top of the other, doubles, triples, quadruples.  It was truly terrible.  I couldn't breath, move, anything.  The nurse tried to talk me into an epidural.  I ignored her.   After an hour Ava again was not looking good. Soon Dr. Hicks arrived and after looking at me and Ava she started talking about a C-section.  Knowing I really wanted to have a vaginal delivery and agreeing, we decided to go ahead with breaking my water. I was now 4cm and 85% effaced.

At 7:30 Dr. Hicks broke my water, and suggested an epidural.  I ignored the suggestion and continued to try to breath.  The next hour or so was rough.  The pain made me nauseated and i began vomiting.  Chris was great and held my hand, placed cool rags on my forehead, and rubbed my back.  Finally they turned off the pitocin and let me contract on my own.  The pain changed and was more tolerable and having two minutes between contractions was a blessing.  I was able to get into a rhythm of breathing through contractions and resting for two minutes and we went on.

At 11am the nurse checked me again and i was 5cm and 95% effaced.  Chris suggested i accept a dose of Stadol and rest while he went to grab lunch.  Tired and trusting his voice of reason, i requested some pain relief and an anti-nausea med (why i had to ask for that i don't know, still mad at my nurse for not thinking of it for me!).  The Stadol was wonderful. It allowed me to sleep and dulled the contractions.

At 12:30pm I woke with an incredibly intense pressure and need to push.  It was literally overwhelming and i felt she was coming.  I yelled to Chris that i had to push and it was time and frantically pushed my nurse button.  Thankfully she came quickly and sure enough i was dilated to 10 and ready to go.  Dr. Hicks was called and while the nurse set up I pushed gently.  Soon Dr. Hicks was there and first thought she had no time to change but the nurse pushed with me until she had her scrubs on.  Then it was time.  Everyone was ready and Chris held my hand as I pushed FOR REAL.  I touched her head as she came out and i cut her cord once delivered.

After 15 hours of labor our baby was there on my belly. She was sweet, blue eyes wide open, lots of brown hair, and pink with purple hands and feet.  She was perfect.